We Nature Care give end to end solution for feminine hygiene;supplying Vending Machines for Sanitary Napkins and Destroyer (Incinerator)/Hygiene Beand for used sanitary napkins, after sales, Installation of equipments in suitable place of ladies wash rooms Servicing,maintenance & supplying Sanitary Napkins, all under one roof.

We would like to introduce ourselves as franchise dealers for Feminine Hygiene Equipments, like Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine & Sanitary Napkin Destroyer.

Importance on the instant/immediate availability of Sanitary Napkins, without going and asking someone (embarrassment) to meet the menstrual emeregency, Vending Machie Installed in ladies Wash room, just by dropping 5 Rupees Coin gives them Sanitary Napkin.

Now another burning problem is the safe and hygienic disposal of the used saniraty napkins, it is advised never to put sanitary napkins down the toilet and this besides blocking up lines it will damage the entire plumbing system, additionally flushed down Napkins it can pollute streams and rivers, cause hormonal changes in wild life and enable harmful organisms to enter food chains.

when the used sanitary napkins are thrown on the ground or buried for disposal it seeps into ground water and sanitary napkin is a Seeping Poision, Buries place also become a breeding ground for harmful bacteria or germs when it comes time to dispose. According to a Scientific study 1,00,000 bacteria's develop in a mere 4 secons when the used sanitary napkins are exposed to air.

India Social Good Summit 2014: Prof V Chariar :

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