Waterless Urinals Zerodor

"Zerodor" is a patented and proprietary technology of Indian Institution of Technology is a completely non consumable and non-chemical based, mechanical device.The Device solves a typical contradicition of the liquid should pass but the gas should not. "Zerodor" can be retrofitted to most of the standard Urinal and does not demand change in your existing pan, if they are compatible.The simple mechanism and user friendly design of the device makes it possible to install in less than half an hour.

The device is fitted in the drain plug of the Urinal pan. The intelligently designed mechanism of Zerodor only allows the liquids (Urine) to pass into the drain pipe and blocks the odur causing gases (Coming from the drain pipe) to enter the restroom.This helps in saving millions of liters of fresh water which normally gets wasted in flusing the urine and controlling the odour.

Zerodor saves anything between 50,000 liters to 1,50,000 of fresk water per urinal pan per annum.In additional to this it also saved a lot of infrastructure cost like water, maintenance of plumbing accessories for flush/auto flush devices and sewer maintenance cost due to reduced load on sewer.

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